SEEBURG – Steps into the future

The JUNGFRAU ALPINE INN in Wilderswil is part of the SEEBURG social enterprise. As one of the first integrative hotels in Switzerland, our operation, in addition to the usual range of hotels services, also offers places for guests with mental health conditions or learning disabilities who would like to make their holiday in the most normal surroundings possible. We offer services for people who want to make use of professional support, sociomedical primary care and leisure education while on holiday.

People with mild disabilities are employed at the JUNGFRAU ALPINE INN. Young people can learn a variety of jobs with the Swiss Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ) or Vocational Certificate (EBA) or complete a practical training (the INSOS Pra).

The SEEBURG social enterprise

Accommodation, occupational integration, services and operations

SEEBURG is a public association based in Interlaken; it has been contributing to the realisation of Switzerland’s social aspirations for more than 30 years. The association is a non-profit organisation.

SEEBURG provides support to young people and adults in different stages of life. Our institutions fulfil socio-paedagogical and caregiving functions as well as roles related to occupational and societal integration.

Our target groups are people who want support, either short or long-term, in coping with individual challenges. We make a diverse range of living and working opportunities available to interested persons in the Interlaken area.

Our core competence is in occupational integration. We are the leaders in this field in this region. We encourage and support people on their way to being able to earn their own living. As instruments to facilitate implementation of these occupational integration objectives, we manage our own operations and service businesses in a variety of sectors (e.g. the JUNGFRAU HOTEL and the JUNGFRAU ALPINE INN in Wilderswil) in the Interlaken area. 

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